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We love shooting weddings! It’s such an honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of capturing the essential moments on the best day of someone’s life. The spontaneous moments in wedding photography are equally important and often hilarious. Images of your special day will transport you back, visually and emotionally.

Working with us is easy. You’ll fill out a quick Q&A to help us get acquainted with you.  Then we’ll have a short face-to-face meeting and discuss details and the schedule of wedding events. We’ll work out a plan with you, your minister and other vendors to get you the best experience possible.  We’ll be there for your rehearsal, checking lighting situations and preparing great background options for your big day.

We can either set up an overall one-time price for the agreed upon hours of wedding coverage and print packages, or some clients prefer more of an a la carte contract. You control which services you want, how many hours of coverage and whether you prefer to purchase package deals including a designated number of prints.

Having us bring in a “Second Shooter” is always an option.  That extra coverage and a second photographer’s vision is extremely valuable in catching even more of your perfect day. Every wedding photographer develops their own distinct style. Different things will catch their eye. It makes for a very interesting album to have more than one active camera.  You’ll end up with more variety in your gallery. Contact me with questions!

It’s your best day ever. Capture all the beauty and emotion of your once-in-a-lifetime, fairy tale day. You need the right Wedding Photographer. I got you!


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