Portrait photography sessions can be as unique as you are.  They’re a great opportunity to get the family together.  You can dress up or dress down to some new images to hang on the wall or send your loved ones.  Portraits record a milestone event such as a birth, a graduation, a reunion, a visit from far away friends and family or just the start of a new chapter in your life.   Or you can schedule a portrait session just for grins!  Themed sessions with costumes are always a hoot!  Show off your family’s personal style.  Design your shoot to fit your personality and display your originality.

We try to catch emotion and interactions in every portrait.  Highly posed shots show a beautiful record of who was there and how amazing they looked that day.  The spontaneous part of the shoot shows the emotions and interactions.  We prefer to gently direct clients instead of strictly posing.  The more relaxed you are, the better your images will be.

Most portrait sessions allow plenty time for wardrobe changes and varied looks from the same session.  Depending on the session length you should plan to bring a change of clothing or two so we can mix things up.  We can also incorporate props.  Props can be almost anything such as musical instruments, hats, smoke bombs, unique furniture, stuffed animals, footballs, bubbles, flowers, mirrors, etc.


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