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After living in Colorado almost 40 years, I finally made an old dream come true by getting to photograph the National Western Stock Show professionally. In 2019 I volunteered to work for the NWSS. After working the Rodeo All-Stars event and the Denver County Fair, I was definitely looking forward to getting to participate in the main event.

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The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band returned to Colorado last night to the absolute delight of their devoted fans including me. The beautiful Paramount Theater was packed in what looked to be a sold out show. Colorado LOVES the Dirt Band and the feeling is mutual! Although the Dirt Band originated in California in ’66, these guys have a lot of history here in Colorado.

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND @ The Paramount2020-03-19T19:38:34+00:00

Fall is in the Air

This morning we had our first hard frost, confirming that Fall is indeed in the air. Nature has a way of slowing us down due to the shorter days, cooler temps, Fall’s colorful leaves all signal chillier times are heading our way. What do you do in the Fall? Drink Pumpkin Spice drinks? Dig out your sweaters and hoodies? I take gorgeous pictures.

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One Year’s Progress

One Year's Progress I absolutely love what I do. Photography is so subjective. People’s tastes are all unique. Photographers have to have general guides as to what makes a great image versus a sub-par image. Those guidelines are the 12 Elements of a Merit Image through the PPA, Professional Photographers of America. Participating in print competitions last year gave me a way

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Progress I’ve always been my own most harsh critic. Everyone says, “Progress, not perfection.” But one of my camera straps states my mantra, “Striving for Perfection.” Progress is wonderful but it only happens when I keep pushing, keep learning, keep trying harder and harder to make my images the best it can be. When I got my first camera I immediately started



Snow-deo Colorado rodeo season doesn’t shy away from a little Springtime weather. If it snows during a rodeo is it a Snow-deo? I may have been a little frozen when that idea crossed my mind. This weekend was filled with indoor and outdoor rodeo excitement. The National Western Stock Show hosted Rodeo All Star and a concert by Chase Bryant inside their Event


Print Comp College

Print Comp College “I just bought a professional camera, do I need classes?” Post on social media this morning, lol. Hmm, I’ve owned cameras and studied photography since I was a kid. I have actually studied photography most of my life. I absolutely LOVE learning more and more and improving my skills. Yesterday I attended Larry Adkins, Master Photographer’s PPA class, “Print Competition

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My Passion for Photography

My Passion for Photography I absolutely love what I do and my photography has been a lifelong passion. The idea of “Going Pro,” actually hanging out my shingle and offering my services to the public was enticing but I was genuinely concerned that it would take the joy out of it. Photography couldn’t turn into a “Boring Job.” I couldn’t allow that to

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When I first hung out my shingle as a photographer I was constantly hearing, “You have to Specialize!” Then hearing the exact opposite, “You have to Generalize. You should know how to do many different types of photography.” Specialize or Generalize? So I tried many different types of photography. Why not?

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