Let’s create a plan assuring photographic coverage of all the integral segments of your special day. I can capture only the vital moments or document your gathering in it’s entirety.  Every event is a “Once in a Lifetime” occurrence. The people in attendance, their interactions, the venue and even the weather all make each and every function a true “Once in a Lifetime” occurrence that can never be truly recreated. Let’s make sure we record those precious moments.

Lighting indoor events is an art and a science.

Outdoor photography is difficult with the constantly changing conditions. Lighting is tricky in controlled indoor situations. You’ll need someone who knows their equipment and knows how to overcome those lighting challenges. Call me and let’s get your day locked in!  I’ll gladly be there for your family gatherings, corporate functions, sporting events or recreational outing.

Do you have a horseback event you need photographed?  Contact us now!  We can ride deep into the back-country and get those unique images for you.  I have experience shooting many varieties of horse events from dressage to rodeo rough stock to trail rides and training sessions and vaulting performances.

I have a lifetime of experience photographing horses and their humans.  You might think Cowgirl Camera Photography should specialize in equine events!  You’d be right!  I can capture you and your horses in the best manner possible.  Let’s make some beautiful images of you and your equine counterpart.

Shooting events can be a fast paced endeavor. I earned my chops shooting rodeos and horse events – but have photographed events of all types and sizes.


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