Colorado rodeo season doesn’t shy away from a little Springtime weather. If it snows during a rodeo is it a Snow-deo? I may have been a little frozen when that idea crossed my mind.

This weekend was filled with indoor and outdoor rodeo excitement. The National Western Stock Show hosted Rodeo All Star and a concert by Chase Bryant inside their Event Center. Jefferson County High School Rodeo was held at the Jeffco Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday. The high school rodeo ran both indoor and outdoor arenas. I had the pleasure of being an official photographer at both events shooting indoors at Rodeo All Star and outdoor at the high school rodeo. It was a busy weekend!

The high school and junior high cowboys and cowgirls never cease to amaze me. The rough stock riding was a muddy affair. Cowboys would make their ride, often ending in a dunk in the mud then get up, wipe off their face and get ready for their next ride. Only the colorful chaps made it possible to distinguish one rider from the other. But by the end, even their chaps were the color of Jeffco mud.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”