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Spontaneous, Camera-Unaware Photography

Catching those fun moments when people are being their most playful is one of the more rewarding aspects of photography.  Children will naturally lose interest in the camera and concentrate on playing.  But with adults, sometimes it takes a sneaky photographer to get those Camera-Unaware moments.  Many times those moments, when caught and recorded can be highlight of a shoot.  I would gladly wear camouflage or a cloaking device if I could move invisibly among playful people.  Photos that show totally uninhibited activities can range from the hilarious to the most touching images.  Whether it’s the newly wed cake sharing gone slightly crazy or a child playing in the rain, I’ve come away from photo sessions with some amazing images of people just being themselves.  Posed and perfectly lit portraits are just part of the experience.  I love the naturally occurring, unprompted, unposed “Human” moments.  These are the photographs that bring back the emotions of that day.   The posed shots are beautiful records of who was there.  The spontaneous shots are the record of their interactions.

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