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Low Light Night Portraits

Outrageous Low Light Night Portraits!

Rodeo Royalty

Queen’s Carnival

Have you ever thought of illuminated car interiors for portraits … or a background of city lights or maybe even carnival light… or the lights of a small Victorian mining town … I absolutely love low light night portraits. Low Light Portraits with a vibrant natural sunset have always been a favorite. Whatever low-light situation you can dream up … We can do that!  We’ve even shot portraits inside of an old gold mine.

Portraits aren’t limited to daytime only. It has always been possible to take photographs in near total darkness but modern technology has made it much easier. I’m not scared of the dark. Nothing’s off-limits. My lighting systems can handle almost any situation.  Some of the most amazing wedding shots are night shots.

Think of light as a prop. We can incorporate lanterns, candles, car lights, flashlights, lights strung in the trees or lights strung over a patio. We can use colored gels and add some very interesting effects!  We can even use smoke to make low light shots more dramatic and interesting.

Photography is all about light. Night portraiture gives us the opportunity to control light and shape it into art. Let’s do some unique portraits that’ll you’ll enjoy seeing forever!  On my own living room walls I have 4 low light/night portraits and one night landscape shot, Red Rocks Amphitheater from a distance during a concert.  Although these types of images are not common for most portraiture, everyone who has seen them has had dramatic reactions to them and asks me to schedule a night shoot just for them.  Who doesn’t love a natural vignette look?  Low light and night portraits automatically capture that vignette look and draw the eye to the dramatic look of the well lit subject.  Christmas lights, fireworks, sparklers, even buildings with light splashed up their sides all make for fun backgrounds for night portraits.

Low Light Photography: Gold Mine Portrait

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