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Composite Photography

Graduation, High School Senior, Composite Photography

Leavin’ Lockup!

Composite Photography is the combination of more than one image into an artistic compilation.  The possibilities are absolutely endless!  We can come up with a seemingly realistic image or make something completely fanciful just for fun.  Composite Photography can be extremely time consuming and tedious.  It takes hours to ensure images appear congruent in these compilations. But the results can be amazing!

Fanciful Composite Photography

This penitentiary bus composite started off as part of a senior shoot.  The bus was bright green in the original image.  I changed the color of the bus and inserted text, “CHS Penitentiary and bus number 666.”  I then added the metal sculpture over the top of the bus since it seems to be making the same hand gestures as my subject.  The last touch was to put a bit of smoke in the foreground.  I brightened up the lights on the bus and voila!  It became her graduation invitation.

Realistic Composite Photography

Live Music, Concert Photography, Composite Photography

Tim Elliott @ Johnny & June’s Winston Salem, NC

I made this realistic composite from several separate shots.  The venue was a saloon,  Johnny & Junes featuring pictures of Johnny Cash on the far wall.  The artist, Tim Elliott and his band were performing.  There were mic stands in the way and the speaker stack was covering part of Johnny Cash’s image on the right side.  I removed the mic stands and moved the speaker back out of the way.  The bass player’s elbow was covering part of the Johnny Cash image on the left side and had to be removed.  In the original image Tim was turned away from the camera.  I replaced him with another shot where he had turned toward me.  The black light over his head gave the negative space a bit of depth.  I love how nice and clean the final image turned out.  Composites are most believable when created with images made at the same time, in the same light with identical depth of field and the same view perspective.  Call me today to discuss your ideas for a composite!

Mini Trooper @ The Tabor, Composite Photography

Who? Me???

Who?  Me??? is a composite of 3 images.  The Colorado State Trooper car is actually a model.