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About Cowgirl Camera – Weddings, Portraits & Adventure Photography

“I hate bad pictures, I hate it when pictures are poorly lit, especially when they’re overly lit washing out features, losing their dimension and depth.”

Polk is a self taught photographer, having worked with the medium nearly 50 years.  She has worked through the trials of film photography, from having to wait for it to be developed, occasionally doing her own darkroom work, to working with a camera that had been smashed on the rocks compromising the seal, but still being able to repair that camera in the field and get the shots.  Polk has since progressed to digital and loves the ability to know what needs to be adjusted to get the shot right, whether it be the light, angle, or subject.  She has participated in numerous clinics, spent hours pouring over manuals, and subjected family and friends to photo shoots in a quest to hone her skills as a photographer.

When asked what challenges her the most as a photographer, she says, “The sun, you’re never going to over power it, but you can out smart it.” But in the same breath Polk talks about how much she loves lighting and how it can make or break the perfect shot.  She appreciates the flexibility of DSLR, allowing her to add filters or make adjustments to an image digitally.  Polk has learned to manually manipulate her cameras allowing her to get amazing shots by becoming “one” with her equipment.

Polk loves to photograph landscapes as well as portraits.  She grew up in the outdoors working with horses, which she continues to do and many of her pictures have been captured from the saddle.  She creates dramatic portraits by using the light to guide the eye to the subject.  Weddings offer her the opportunity to capture people on one of the biggest days of their lives and she truly welcomes the challenge of capturing those special moments that so often occur in difficult lighting situations.  Photography still gives Polk the same thrill it did as child, in fact the thrill is more intense now as she better understands her medium, she states, “With technology, the right gear, some good old fashioned know-how and a little intuition I’m getting images I had only dreamed of previously.”