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About Cowgirl Camera

Melissa Polk

About Cowgirl Camera:

Polk’s passion for photography started at an early age when she got her first camera as a Christmas gift from her parents.  She has worked with the medium nearly 50 years and participated in countless hours of classes, clinics and seminars as well as taking advantage of every chance to work with other seasoned photographers.

She is currently a member of Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of Colorado and Intermountain Professional Photographers Association.  She’s also a member of the Conifer, Colorado Chamber of Commerce and the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce in Denver, Colorado.

Her work has been featured in newspapers and magazines in Colorado and nationally.  As an on-going contributor for Xposer Magazine she often photographed concerts and many Colorado events.  Her latest contest submission to a national magazine, “Blazing Buckaroo” is featured in Feb/Mar ’18 edition of Cowboys & Indians magazine.  Her images of Gladius The Show are featured in the October edition of Sagebrush Rider magazine in Nevada.

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“Blazing Buckaroo”

When asked what challenges her the most as a photographer, she says, “Lighting.  Light is what photography’s really all about.  Being able to recognize beautiful light and take advantage of it is an art in itself.  Seeing bad lighting and being able to add, detract or adjust that light is part of the magic of being a pro.  We must “Bring the Magic” as professionals.  Everyone has a camera in their pocket nowadays.  Professional photographers have to capture something special.”

Polk loves low-light photography.   “Shooting in dark conditions is a wonderful teaching aid.  You really have to learn your way around your gear by feel.  Lowlight images can be a lot of fun.”

Polk’s main objective is photographing people on their “Best Day.”  Whether your best day is your wedding, a performance or participation in a competition, that’s the day she wants to capture for you.  Your Best Day doesn’t usually have perfect lighting conditions.  Difficult lighting demands knowing how to cope with the situation.  Don’t gamble with your Best Day’s photography.

About Cowgirl Camera

Polk doing what she loves!

Polk loves photographing landscapes in addition to portraits.  She grew up in the outdoors riding horses, which she continues to do to this day.  Many of her pictures have been captured from the saddle while riding the high country in the Rocky Mountains.  “It’s not easy to train a horse to be “The Quadpod” and hold perfectly still, lol.  But my guy, Chisholm does a great job and has assisted in capturing some amazing shots for me.”

Photography still gives Polk the same thrill it did as child.  In fact the thrill is more intense now!  She states, “With technology, the right gear, some good old fashioned know-how and a little intuition I’m getting images I had only dreamed of previously.”


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