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Colorado Print Comp

Colorado Print Comp is Here!

Last night at midnight was the deadline for entries in Professional Photographers of Colorado’s Print Competition.  I was hoping to enter 10 images.  I got 9 ready and entered in time.  That’s still 5 more than I was able to enter at IPPA in Utah so we’ll call it progress.

It has become increasingly clear to me  that I have a lot to learn about print comp.  This is going to be only my second time competing.  It’s my first time competing in Colorado.  The judging is Sunday.  I just want to get better at my craft.

Stunt riders, flag, cowgirl, cowboys, horses

American Cowgirl

An image I had hoped to enter hit the trash pile due to an open door in the arena making an obnoxious backlit “hot-spot” just to the right of my subject.  I kinda understand why, but I really like the image any way.  Even if judges would not, lol.  So I decide to share the web-size version with the stunt team.  Enjoy!




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