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A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born 2018

I’m super selective about movies.  Yesterday I took a movie break and went to the 2018 movie, A Star Is Born.  I absolutely loved the 1976 version of A Star Is Born with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.  But I have to admit Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga did a great job with the modern remake.  I was most impressed with the beautiful videography and the all new music.  I don’t think I would have liked it if they’d tried to use the same music.  Face it, Evergreen IS Barbara Streisand’s iconic song from the ’76 movie.

My big take-away was the concept that Cooper’s character says, “Musicians have 12 notes and some octaves.  The difference is in what they do with them.  What will you say with your music?”  I drove home in silence, reflecting on that idea.  How does that translate to photographers?  We all have pretty similar cameras, similar lens and lots of lighting options.  The real difference between photographers with professional equipment is what we do with that gear.  We all developed our style of shooting and our own style of editing.  But what does this photographer’s work say?

My Voice, My Work’s Voice

“What do you have to say?” is really staying with me.  When we shoot for clients we are usually hired to create specific images with our specific creative flair.  It feels to me that photographers work that has something to “say”  comes from personal projects, projects that come from feeling passionately about something.  So what will my work “say?”

My body of work so far strongly says: I Love The West!  I Love Western Life!  And I love being here in Colorado where there is such a diversity of horse related disciplines.  It’s been thrilling to shoot Horsemen and Horsewomen when they are performing, teaching, training, driving and even trail riding in the back-country.  I specialize in images with horses, beautiful Colorado natural backgrounds and strong people doing what they love in the West.   I love highlighting people who are passionate about what they do especially when that involves horses.

This “Ah Hah!” moment is going to be the beginning of a new project.  I’ve taken an editorial styled approach to what I shoot in the past.  I vow to slow down and include more environmental portraits of these people in addition covering their events.  I see an album growing out of this!

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