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Classes and Prep for Print Comp

Classes and Prep for Print Comp

Today I’m reflecting on recent classes and preparing for PPC Print Comp.  Last month I drove up to Jen Hargrove’s studio in WY for her class on preparing for print comp.  It was just in time to enter IPPA’s Print Comp, my first pro photography competition.  It was enlightening to say the least.  Print Comp with PPA affiliates is it’s own beast.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to experience this for the first time even though I felt totally unprepared when I hit “Upload” with my images.  I submitted 4 images.  Of the four, I received one Merit Image for “The King of 17th Street.”  I was absolutely thrilled to get my first Merit!!!

I’m looking at having to hit that Upload button again Thursday night for PPC’s Print Comp without hearing the audio from IPPA to know what was said about my image in Utah.  Without knowing what the judges want changed, I feel like I’m shooting in the dark with my editing process.  It’s scary and exhilarating all at the same time.  I really want to do well in our local competition but this is a tough learning curve.

Without some guidance there’s no way I would have ever entered.  So huge I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Jen Hargrove for her mentoring through her classes and in her own time.  She’s really taken a lot of time to show me the ropes, help me improve and get me involved in Print Comp.  I have definitely made a friend with Jen in addition to finding a great mentor.

Last Friday I attended Sal Cincotta’s Shoot to Print classes here in Denver.  It’s wonderful to have these opportunities to work with great photographers.  Sal said he made a vow to give back to upcoming photographers thus helping insure the health and success of the business.  He makes good on that every year by offering very reasonably priced classes in his Shoot to Print traveling series.  I’d love to get to attend ShutterFest, his hands-on classes in St. Louis.  Thank you Sal for all you do to help all photographers reach their potential!  It’s good for the business and good karma.

Makes me wonder, will I do that?  Will I give back to photography?  Damn right I will!  I’ve been working with a woman in Texas for a couple years now.  She shot her first wedding as my Second Shooter a year and a half ago.  Watching her progress has been so fulfilling for me.  Yesterday she posted images from a family portrait session she had done.  The lighting and posing was MILES ahead of where she had started.  This was her best work to date.  I’m so proud of her.  She truly has put her heart and soul into her photography and it shows.  Congratulations Michelle!  You’re rocking it!  Now join PPA and let’s get you into competitions too!

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