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1st Print Competition!

I did it!  I entered 4 images in IPPA’s Print Competition this morning.  Judging happens tomorrow and Monday.  Huge thanks to Jen Hargrove for helping get me to this point after only knowing me for 6 months.  I met her by taking her Dog Portraits class in April.  In 6 months time here we are doing Print Comp!  Wow!  She’s such an inspiration and so encouraging.  I truly appreciate her being the catalyst to get me to compete.

Thanks to Lisa Striegel for all the hours of Photoshop lessons and the countless phone calls to save me when I get stuck.  Our Starbucks meetings have paid off!  I definitely wouldn’t be here without your help.  Thanks to Edgar for being my model for one of my all time favorite images, “The King Of 17th Street,”  one of the first group to go into Print Comp!  Thanks Sonja Beattie for modeling for me, for holding lights and being my assistant and for hauling my butt down into Denver for shoots.  You Rock!  And thanks to the Seacat family!  Kelsie’s always game to be my lighting assistant besides being one of my favorite models.  And her father, John has also stepped in to be my lighting guy when Kelsie wasn’t available.  Kristie, Kelsie’s mom has stepped in when my writer couldn’t join me for events.  All of you guys have been awesome!  Thank you for your support.  I don’t know where I’d be without each and every one of you.

Anyone who knows me knows the competitive side of me.  Playing racketball and golf and riding horses  with me has been known to send some folks to the hospital.  Maybe print comp will be a more mellow type of competition, lol.  I don’t think anybody will get injured at least.

Good mojo to all who entered.  This being my very first time doing this, I don’t expect miracles but just want to learn and get better at my craft.  A miracle wouldn’t be a bad thing, lol.  I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if a little miracle came my way.

Just hoping that my next Print Comp with the PPC, Professional Photographers of Colorado on November 3rd and 4th goes well.  Figured I’d get my feet wet with the IPPA in Utah this weekend.  Maybe I can feel a little more confident for the upcoming Colorado competition.

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