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It’s 2017! Happy New Year

I’m excited to see what opportunities 2017 holds. 2016 was an exciting ride at Polk Photography. It’s a privilege to be asked to participate in many events. When I wasn’t shooting beautiful weddings or portrait sessions, I was shooting equine events and even some police and firefighter fundraisers. I love photographing people on their best day, all dressed up and shined up! Showing those images to them and getting “Wow!” reactions makes my day. I absolutely love my job!

2017 is already a year of change. I’m looking into different Proofing Gallery options for the smoothest viewing and ordering process currently available. My goal is to delegate as much of the office work as possible so I can concentrate on the artistry.

On these frigid Winter days I’ve been experimenting with lighting setups and getting tons of ideas for images. Usually the short days of Winter is not my favorite time of year. But being able to do low-light shoots by 6 P.M. has been awesome. Low-light shots are so dramatic! I’m loving the look, the feel and I love mastering the challenge. This year I am incorporating more low-light images into my wedding photography also.

Sometimes luck is with me and I see perfectly lit, incredible shots that include all the elements of a magical shot without doing a thing. Usually, that’s not the case. So, huge thanks to everyone who participated and assisted with props and lighting to help me make that magic happen.

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